Ocala Florida: Things to do

Are you planning to visit Florida? Make sure you reserve some time to see all of the top attractions in Ocala, Florida. Ocala, located in North Central Florida’s Horse Country, is a hidden gem that allows you to escape the crowds and enjoy the many attractions of the area at your own pace.
Explore Ocala’s unique shops, historical and cultural attractions. You’ll find a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities outside of the city. You can take a dip in crystal-clear artesian springs or zip through forested canyons. Or you can hike miles of winding trails and enjoy the beauty of one the largest pine forests on the planet. If you are an avid horse lover, you will find your happiness in the “Horse Capital of the World.”

The best places to visit in Ocala FL

Silver Springs State Park
Do you want to immerse yourself in nature, both on land and in the water? Silver Springs State Park is one of Central Florida’s most popular tourist attractions. This stunning natural location features one of the most impressive Artesian springs in the world.
You can paddleboard, clear-bottom kayak or canoe the Silver Spring River’s crystal-clear waters. Enjoy the famous Glass Bottom Boat Tour, which showcases the vibrant spring with its colorful aquatic life. You’ll see other species of wildlife along the route, such as manatees and turtles.
You can hike endless trails on dry land or gather the whole family for some playtime. Are you ready for a break? Take a break at Silver Springs State Park’s picnic area. Fire up the grill and enjoy a delicious, fresh-air meal.

Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology

You’re a history buff or not? Then you’ll be in the zone with the incredible exhibits at the Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology. The museum is a combination research and teaching institution that displays 13,000 years worth of human history from Marion County, Florida.

You can take your time and browse through the diverse collection of exhibits that range from Civil War artifacts to centuries old Spanish glass.

Paleo-Indian civilizations inhabited the area for over 14,000 years, making it an excellent location for archaeological exploration. Present focus: The remains of Santa Lucia de Acuera’s mission, which was established in 1627 by the Spanish.

You want to dig up history and get dirty? You are invited to join the museum’s experts.

Ocala National Forest

Are you feeling the need to go off the beaten track? Make Ocala National Forest your destination. Ocala National Forest, which covers more than 80 square miles of stunning recreational waterways and springs in Florida, is the second-largest state forest.

Outdoor enthusiasts love Ocala National Forest. It’s not surprising, as the beautiful sand pine scrub forest provides miles of hiking and biking trails.

This site is full of aquatic beauty. Enjoy the beautiful walking trails that lead to Salt Spring, Silver Glen Spring and Alexander Springs. You can jump in whenever you feel the need to cool down. Do you feel like going to the lake? This natural paradise has over 600 to choose from.

Do you want to get out of your seat? You can either take a guided ride or get on an ATV. Make sure you have your binoculars with you: Ocala National forest is home to a wide variety of wildlife and birds, including black bears and alligators as well as deer and boars.

You don’t want your trip to be over? Stay the night at a campsite!

Fort King National Historic Park
Do you want to time travel? You should add Fort King National Historic Park to your Ocala travel list. The fort was constructed in 1827 as a military fort for Florida’s Fourth Infantry. This was during a time of tensions between Seminole Indians and white settlers. Although the fort was abandoned eventually, many of its original materials were preserved and reconstructed as historically accurate as possible.
Fort King National Historic Park is a place where history comes to life. Visit the library or the archaeological center to see a collection of fascinating artifacts, and learn more about Fort King National Historic Park’s history.
The interpretive trail runs from the Fort King National Historic Landmark along Seep Spring and leads you into a ravine. Take in the natural beauty and splendor of the native flora & fauna to top off your Fort King National Historic Landmark visit.
Alexander Springs Recreational Area
Alexander Springs Recreational Area is a must-see for natural spring enthusiasts and wannabes alike. This star among springs, nestled within Ocala National Forest is known for its clear turquoise waters and picturesque forests. Its steady temperature of 72 degrees and its sandy bottom make it a popular choice for families.
Alexander Springs Recreation Area can accommodate all outdoor interests. You can swim, canoe and fish to your heart’s delight. Explore the Florida National Scenic Trail and other nature trails. To capture the beauty of the world around you, bring your camera.
Have you packed a lunch? Place your picnic basket on a table. You can extend your stay in Alexander Springs by securing a spot at the campground to spend the night under the stars.

Sholom Park

Sholom Park, Ocala’s quietest park, is a great place to visit if you are looking for a peaceful haven. “Sholom”, the Hebrew word meaning peace, is what it all says. The park is privately owned and open to the public. It was designed to provide a tranquil escape from Ocala‘s hustle and bustle.

This beautiful botanical garden, covering 44 acres, was created to enhance the natural woodland landscape. It contains more than 100 native species. As you walk the paved path through Sholom Park, take your time and admire them. Admire the magnificent mature oaks and enjoy the sweet scent of longleaf pins. The koi pond is where you can see the fish jumping out of the water to eat.

You can relax on any of the benches in the park. Relax, reflect, then leave feeling refreshed.

Appleton Museum of Art
The Appleton Museum of Art is a must-see for art lovers. The building is located on the College of Central Florida campus in Ocala. Built in classical Italian architectural style, the 82,000-square-foot marble structure is situated on 44 acres of lush greenery, including an outdoor sculpture walk, fountain and a reflecting pool.
You’ll need to go inside to see the main attractions. Five permanent collections are housed at the Appleton Museum of Art. Permanent collections
You will need to take plenty of time in order to see the vast collection of 24,000 artifacts and artifacts from five continents. A two-tiered exhibition hall houses both Florida artist’s works and traveling exhibits.
The museum hosts a variety of educational and instructional classes, workshops, special events, and other community-friendly activities throughout the year. Make sure to check your calendar!

Gypsy Gold Horse Farm

It makes perfect sense that the “Horse Capital of the World”, is home to one of the most fascinating equine brands worldwide. Legend has it that Gypsy Vanner horses were brought to Britain by British gypsies generations ago.

Dennis and Cindy Thompson have made them a part of North America’s Gypsy Gold Horse Farm, regardless of their history.

These beautiful horses are a magnet for visitors to Ocala. They are well-known for their black-and-white coloring, flowing hair, feathered hooves, and friendly nature.

Visit the Gypsy Gold Horse Farm and meet the horses in person. You can also learn more about their fascinating history from the owners.

Enjoy a guided tour of the farm and meet the residents. You can also give them carrot treats. Take a unique selfie with these beautiful ladies!

Silver River Museum

Are you looking for a family-friendly place that is both educational and entertaining? The Silver River Museum is sure to entertain you regardless of your age.

The museum is located in Ocala’s Silver Springs State Park. It works closely with Florida Park Service to offer programming that highlights the natural and cultural history of the area.

The museum is open to all, while weekends are reserved for school groups. The museum’s exhibits offer fascinating insight into the local fauna and flora, as well as the rich history of the area’s indigenous people.

For a glimpse into the past, you can step into the pioneer village. The pioneer village is a collection of historical and replica structures that depict life as it was in the early 1800s.

You can see the settlement cabins: a one-room schoolhouse and sugarcane mill, blacksmith shop and wood-fired pottery. There is also a replica Seminole Indian camp. It’s the story of history brought to life.

Withlacoochee State Forest

Do you have a passion for the outdoors? You must visit Withlacoochee State Forest. Although it is not as well-known than some of the Sunshine State’s other treed preserves and forests, it is Florida’s third largest state forest. It is a paradise for nature lovers, with a lot of it being dedicated to wildlife preservation and environmental protection.

Withlacoochee State Forest

Nearly 50 miles of trails are available in Withlacoochee State Forest, many of which are paved. Even if you have a stroller, it’s very easy to navigate.

You can choose your mode of transportation: Explore the natural beauty of Withlacoochee State Forest by hiking, biking or riding on horseback. You can also pick up a paddle to explore the waterways on a canoe.

The state’s endangered and rarest animal and plant species are found in this unique sandhill ecosystem. Take your binoculars with you to see everything, from Cooley’s Waterwillows and Red-cockaded Woodpeckers.

Canyons Zip Line and Canopy Tours

Are you ready to get your adrenaline pumping Canyons Zip Line and Canyons Canopy Tours will take you to new heights. This park has the longest, fastest, and most impressive zip line in Florida.

The 100-acre park is surrounded by stunning cliffs, lakes with crystal clear water, majestic old-growth oak trees, and canyons. You can take a thrilling flight through limestone canyons to get a bird’s-eye view of this amazing natural setting.

You want to be closer to the ground? Try balancing on a rope bridge or rappelling down a cliffside to test your balance. Do you want to share some horse companionship? It’s the horse capital of the globe! This unique site can be explored by horseback riding. You will enjoy the panoramic views as you weave along winding trails.

Ocala Civic Theatre

Do you want to experience the local culture? The Ocala Civic Theater is a great place to experience local culture. This is the largest theatre in the Sunshine State, and it’s located in the Appleton Cultural Center.

This often overlooked gem, also known as the Appleton Civic Theater is one of the best-rated theaters in America. Each season, it hosts a variety of professional-quality live productions that tour the U.S. It also hosts many touring companies. The theater offers live music, comedy, dramas, musicals and other entertainment.

Do you feel the need to work behind the scenes or on the boards? The theater offers courses and programs that will help you improve your abilities in everything from improvisation to performing musically.

Ocala Historic District

You want to see a little bit of Ocala’s history? Make sure you make time to visit Ocala’s Historic District. The Gothic Victorian architecture and oak trees moss-draped with moss give it a distinct Old South flavor that will leave you feeling like you have stepped back in time.

The Historic District Downtown Square will take you back to the present. This lively square is the heart of downtown and is a great place to gather for concerts and other events such as First Friday Art Walks featuring live music and family art activities.

You can find great shopping, dining and nightlife options at the Ocala Downtown Market.

What better way to end your day than in a horse-drawn carriage? Take a carriage ride on a horse and enjoy a tour of the historic downtown.


Belleview-Santos Trail

Get a close-up view of Central Florida’s beautiful wilderness. The Belleview-Santos Trail is a great way to see all of Florida’s natural wonders. This outdoor destination is located just outside Ocala and offers an amazing cross-sectional view of the landscapes.

It winds through five miles of ecosystems, from rare scrub pine forests and cypress tree swamps. You can either walk or ride horses on the trail. You will need to bring your bike: There are many trails that offer everything you could want, from packed sand trails to steep climbs to smooth paved roads.

Have you gained a hunger pang? You can refuel at one of the picnic tables on site. You can also reserve a campsite at Santos for an extended stay and call it a night.

Rainbow Springs State Park

You want to relax in a peaceful, family-friendly environment that dates back thousands of years. You can make a unique experience of Rainbow Springs State Park by entering its GPS number.

This park is located just west of Ocala and boasts a 1,000-acre natural spring. The spring’s 72-degree temperature year-round means that it is “Chill”. The crystal-clear waters are a great place to swim, tube or snorkel.

You want to be dry? You can explore the parks’ gardens and playgrounds as well as interpretive exhibits. Relax on the Headsprings’ beach. Take a stroll through the woods to take in the park’s rolling hills and mossy hammocks.

Have you gained an appetite? You’re ready to go? Visit one of the concession stands in the park for a snack, an ice cream or a soft drink.

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire
Are you looking for Olde Tyme-friendly gaming and family-friendly dining? You’ll love the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire. This Central Florida favorite, featuring a large cast including knights and ladies has been bringing medieval villages to life for more than three decades.
Take a step back in time to enjoy a wide selection of old-world attractions. Admire the medieval market, where hundreds of artisans sell their goods, cheer on the jousting knights and enjoy a battle on “living chessboard”. You can also experience old-world rides, games, and delicious food worthy of royalty.
You can witness thrilling aerial acrobatics and full-flight falconry at these entertainment venues. Old-world magic is also on display. The Hoggetown streets are filled with jugglers and gypsy dancers.
Infinite Ale Works
You are looking for a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of sightseeing? Infinite Ale Works is a great place to have a pint. This Belgian-inspired craft brewery is located in downtown Ocala. It offers a wide range of flavors including pale ales and witbiers.
You can enjoy traditional but innovative brews at the downtown taproom by taking a seat at the comfortable chair.
Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille
Have you been exploring downtown and gained an appetite? The unexpected Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille offers a taste from New Orleans. This popular bar and restaurant is one of the most loved places to eat & enjoy in Ocala. It combines the best Cajun, Creole and Southern flavors to create a unique experience.
Enjoy shareable dishes like Louisiana Fondeaux or Harry’s Signature Crab Cakes to start the evening. You can save room for signature entrees such as jambalaya, chicken and shrimp creole, or shrimp-n-grits.
You want to save money? Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille has a happy hour every day from 2-7 pm. This includes special pricing on draft beer, cocktails and house wine.
Have you been exploring downtown and gained an appetite? The unexpected Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille offers a taste from New Orleans. This popular bar and restaurant is one of the most loved places to eat & enjoy in Ocala. It combines the best Cajun, Creole and Southern flavors to create a unique experience.
Enjoy shareable dishes like Louisiana Fondeaux or Harry’s Signature Crab Cakes to start the evening. You can save room for signature entrees such as jambalaya, chicken and shrimp creole, or shrimp-n-grits.
You want to save money? Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille has a happy hour every day from 2-7 pm. This includes special pricing on draft beer, cocktails and house wine.

So there you have it! Some of Florida Roofing Today of Ocala‘s favorite things to do.