Roof Replacement

It may be time for roof replacement if your roof is showing signs of wear. A new roof can provide protection from the elements and increase the curb appeal and value of your home. New roofs are often a cost-effective option that homeowners can recover 70% of after selling their homes. If the roof is energy-efficient or has cool technology, you can increase your return on investment. When you call Florida Roofing Today, your local roofing company, we will treat you like family.

Residential & Commercial Roof Replacement

How can you tell when your residential or commercial roof should be replaced? What is the average time it takes? For roof replacement, who can you trust? Roof replacements are a difficult but necessary task. However, it doesn’t have to be. You won’t need to worry about the entire process if you hire a trusted local roofing contractor.

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How to tell when it's time for a new roof

If your roof is storm damaged it may need to be replaced:


A deteriorating roof is something that most homeowners will need to deal with. Your roof protects your home from the elements. It also improves the curb appeal of your home. Even the longest-lasting roofing materials will eventually need to be replaced. It is up to you to decide when it is time to replace your roof.


If your roof is showing signs of:

  • Leakage is a constant problem
  • Crack development
  • Algae can compromise your health
  • It is nearing the end
  • Roofing materials are missing
  • A severe storm damaged the property


Most people think of a roof as protection for their homes when they hear the term “roof”. With proper maintenance and care, a strong roof can last for more than 20 years. There may be instances where the roof is damaged beyond repair. This is particularly true in Florida, which experiences heavy storms, strong winds and other environmental factors. It is important to immediately contact a professional if you notice storm damage.

Additional signs that you may need to replace your roof

Flooded and Clogged Gutters

A problem with your roof’s gutters is obvious if they are clogged or flooded. Gutters must be sloped to allow water to flow away from your home. Roof damage can occur if they aren’t sloped or if debris is built up.

Asphalt Shingles Are Peeling Away

Asphalt shingles are difficult to identify because the granules of asphalt shingles rub off and blend with the shingles surrounding them. You’ll see patches of asphalt shingles that are peeling off if you don’t have any.

Metal Shingles Curled or Cracked

Your metal shingles may have cracked or curled and are no longer protecting your home. You may need to replace your roof if you see any metal shingles that are missing completely or have been severely damaged.

Leaks around Roof Vents and Roof valleys

There are many reasons for roof valley leaks around vents or roof valleys. However, it is important to be especially cautious if the leaks appear near areas where asphalt shingles are deteriorating. It can be difficult to see because it is dark in color, but mold can spread quickly throughout your home if not treated.

You should immediately take action if you see any signs of residential or commercial roof damage. For example, leaves and debris are building up around your gutters. Water damage to your walls can lead to mold and rot, which can pose a danger to your health and your family’s health.

The Advantages of Roof Replacement

Avoid costly repairs

A new roof can last up to 20 years depending on what material it is made of. If you buy a new roof now, you will not have to replace your roof as often. When it’s time to sell your home, your current investment could increase its value.

Increase the lifespan of your home

Your family keeps all their most precious possessions inside your home. Why risk them if you have an old or shabby roof? It is possible that an older roof may need to be replaced if it hasn’t been maintained properly.

Indoor quality:

Did you know heat and humidity are two of the biggest dangers to an old roof? A new roof can make your home more resilient to the Florida weather. It also helps to maintain indoor air quality.

No Leaks:

You may have water damage from a defective flashing or installation if you notice damp areas on your ceiling after it rains. It will save you money in the long-term by repairing any drywall or decaying wood damage caused by a leaky roof.

Fire danger is reduced

If you haven’t suffered any property damage from a fire, it is a good thing. Your home and family could be at risk if the old shingles become missing or damaged. You don’t want a shingle falling on your head. Our roofing contractor is trained to identify and fix safety hazards so they don’t cause injury or damage.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Your roof can make a significant impact on your curb appeal and aesthetic appeal. It is often the first thing people notice about your home. You should consider residential or commercial roofing replacement if you notice damaged, missing or curled shingles or water stains (on both the exterior and interior walls) or moss or discoloration.

When You Call for Your Free Roof Estimate

When you call us today at 352-612-3232 one of our roofing specialists will speak with you to set up a free roof estimate and give you a quote on your roof replacement. Next, we will discuss your concerns and educate you about the process.


Then, we will sign a contract and complete the permitting paperwork. Finally, we will choose the right roof material and color.


We’ll set a date to begin pending weather in the next 4-6 weeks. The speed at which we can complete this depends on your schedule and the type of roof material that you have chosen. It will generally take longer to install metal, and custom materials.


We’ll inspect your home and make sure it is ready for the roof replacement. Depending on the complexity and weather, the tear-off and replacement can take between 2-4 days.


After your roof has been installed, we will clean up the property and inspect the roof for any defects. We will register your warranty within 1-3 weeks (may take longer from the manufacturer). Once your roof is installed, you can enjoy your new roof.

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Florida Roofing Today, is a Florida professional roofing contractor, can help you quickly replace your roof. Before we start work on your project, we will perform a home assessment and give you an estimate of the costs.

It can be expensive to replace a residential or commercial roof. However, it is much less expensive than fixing the house long-term because of all the damage your roof may have caused. You will save money on future repairs and maintenance, as well as improving the exterior aesthetics of your home.

Contact us at 352-612-3232 if you are looking for Residential or Commercial Roof Replacement. We are able to offer the best services and customer satisfaction is our top priority.