Sholom Park

Sholom Park began as a vision in the minds of Sidney and Ina Colen, just like with most great undertakings. Sholom Park was constructed with a purpose in mind, to give a location where the quest for inner calm and learning might be strengthened and enjoyed. The inspiration came from a visit to Boston Gardens.

Sholom, Sidney Colen’s grandfather, is also the Hebrew word for peace, and the park was named after him. The park is not devoted to religious, political, or belief systems.

Sholom Park is a 44-acre botanical garden in Ocala, FL. A non-profit organization operates the park. Sholom, which opened in 2004, has over two miles of paved pathways and more than 250 tree and plant categories.

The Park aspires to be an example of land conservation and open space preservation for educational and recreational purposes. You are encouraged to uncover your symbolism in nature when you visit Sholom Park. Be conscious of what your heart sees and feels. Maybe you will find something bold or brilliant to inspire you or something simple and sacred to soothe your soul.

In 1999, a master plan for the park came into being, and park concepts began to take shape after years of conceiving the vision. As the idea for Sholom Park came to life in 2001, Steve Curl was appointed to supervise the final design and construction.

The landscaping of Sholom Park was intended to thrive in the Central Florida environment. There is not much need for additional irrigation in the park. An attractive and durable landscape combines native plants with developed ornamentals, perennials, and annuals and is full of colorful flowers and lush meadows.

Sholom Park is a birdwatcher’s dream thanks to its abundance of native wildlife, including numerous bird species. Paved trails wind through open prairies and the shade of hickories, live oaks, and longleaf pine trees. Guests can rest and reflect on tribute benches strategically fixed over the park.

If your goal is introspection, meditation, health, nature, or just a few moments of fresh air, Sholom Park is a place where everyone may experience their feelings of peace, joy, and contentment. It is the hope that Sholom Park will be a seed of peace that grows within the hearts of all who visit and spreads throughout the world.

Sholom Park celebrated its grand inauguration and ribbon-cutting with hundreds of supporters and friends on October 17, 2004.