Meadow Wood Farms

Meadow Wood Farms (MWF) is between Ocala and Dunnellon on Highway 40. It is one of the few equestrian communities in Ocala. Horses are allowed on nearly every property, and miles of riding routes circle the neighborhood.


If you are visiting, look for a neighborhood park that might be ideal for your next get-together. In Meadow Wood Farms, dues to the Homeowners Association are optional. However, residents should endeavor to join.

Meadow Wood Farms is a welcoming community of picturesque “Mini-Estates” and small horse farms in the Marion County hamlet of Cotton Plant. MWF is a deed-restricted community that came into existence in 1971, and membership is entirely optional.

Its eighteen hundred acres of forested, undulating terrain are intermingled with lush green pastures. The land is interwoven with seventeen miles of meandering, tree-shaded, recently paved roads that give a haven for walking, jogging, and bicycling away from the dangers of city traffic.

MWF is a community “Friendship Park” with two acres of natural space and a complimentary children’s section. A slide, monkey bars, swings, and seesaws are all part of the play area, including a Pavilion dedicated to long-time residents Hazel and Henri Bowen.

It is a pleasant area to take your children to play or to spend an enjoyable day in a natural environment throughout the year. Our annual picnic and various other activities occur in this location throughout the year.


Go Hwy 40 west to CR 328, then turn right into Meadow Wood Farms, a horse-friendly community to get to the area. Never Bend, Needles, Count Fleet, and Nashua is just a few of the streets in Meadow Wood named after great racehorses.


You may have the farm of your dreams, whether you only need a little more than an acre or wish to go bigger with eight acres. Meadow Wood includes a park with a Pavillion ideal for birthday celebrations. The HITS horse event on Highway 27 is only about a 15-minute drive away.


Meadow Wood Farms is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood with mature trees and a welcoming atmosphere for families. There is so much to do in the community, including restaurants, shopping, equestrian performances, etc. It is just minutes from the excellent World Equestrian Center and Golden Ocala.


The views are everything in this 2,000 square foot Ocala vacation property. The spacious terrace looks out over the lovely land, which seems like a park in your backyard. Natural light floods the family-style living area, which features a big fireplace and an eat-in kitchen with seating for six people in addition to the island.


A tankless water heater provides limitless hot water and free WiFi, cable TV, and a 2-car garage with a washer and dryer. There is also a gated area where dogs may safely play. In the year 2021, Meadow Wood Farms in Ocala, FL received an upgrade.