Marion Cultural Alliance at Brick City Center for the Arts

Do you know the genesis of Marion Cultural Alliance? A group of volunteers assembled in the early 1990s at Brick City Center for the Arts. It was a joint initiative between the College of Central Florida and the city of Ocala.


The establishment of a gallery in the center of historic downtown Ocala catalyzed the area’s regeneration.


Marion Cultural Alliance (MCA), a nonprofit, came into being in 2001. The Horse Fever public art project was its first initiative.


The period corresponded with what began as “Cow Art.” It evolved into a global show in which communities took part. It became a national phenomenon by combining a passion for art with a love of animals in a fun and inspiring way.


MCA is in the middle of downtown Ocala, near the Brick. Its gallery displays rotate and feature a store where you may buy the artwork. Through grants, lobbying, fundraisers, and collaborations, MCA promotes programs. They relate to the arts, scientific and historical museums, and specific education.


Over $1.5 million has been contributed to the arts and other charity groups in Ocala/Marion County, and a $900,000 Cultural Heritage fund has been launched. Through its yearly Cultural Grant Awards, MCA has given over $450,000 to area institutions.


MCA created the Four Friends Grant Fund as a permanent fund in 2015. Its purpose was to generate money to help MCA member artists with small grants for training, equipment, and supplies. MCA initiated this project in early January 2019.


The Brick City Center for the Arts, a popular art gallery in historic downtown Ocala, is also run by MCA. Regional artists’ work features in monthly rotating displays. The location, and the surrounding courtyard, are in high demand for specialized events.


The Cultural Alliance supports artists, educators, art groups, educational programs, etc. It collaborates with other groups to deliver a culture of various kinds to its community, including music, drama, and art.


The MCA brings the arts together for artists, art lovers, entrepreneurs, and collectors. It accomplishes this by funding projects, events, and programs in the fine arts and museums of art, history, and science. Grants, fundraising, advocacy, and collaborations are all used to help.


The Marion Cultural Alliance’s first 15 years are in their film. You will see what they have done with the more than $2 million donated through Horse Fever and other fundraising activities, and you might be motivated to join them. They try to bring people together, advocate causes, and create a bright future.